The Legend of Israel Grimm

In 1875, a trio of outlaws learns there are worse fates than being abandoned in chains during the harsh winter of the Nebraska prairie. Anderson, McKay and Jones are starving, freezing and at each other’s throats – and that’s before they realize they are being pursued by a mysterious dark rider. Are the legends true? Could this relentless spectre be the one that doomed men call Israel Grimm?

The Legend of Israel Grimm is a short film written and directed by Michael Johnson which premiered at the 2012 Omaha Film Festival. It is currently available to watch on Vimeo. DVDs will be available soon.

The Festival Genius Page of Israel Grimm

The Omaha Film Festival has partnered with the awesome folks at Festival Genius to help organize the schedule this year. Not only does it have a complete list of the films showing, with trailers and pictures, cast and crew info, and synopses for each, but you can also like and rate each film as you watch them. Make sure to check out the link for “Israel Grimm” as well as all of the other great films being shown…

…but especially “Israel Grimm” ;)